Tips for the lawyer: How to survive the competition?

The fierce competition that exists in the lawyers sector means that those who cannot differentiate themselves from the competition and find new ways to get clients, stagnate. The lawyer has to take the initiative to find his market niche, but they have good news: he has increased his turnover in the last year.

Search the lawyer proportion by citizen

Is the situation so exaggerated? Diving in the Federal Bar association, where all the lawyers registered in a certain district appear, you will find that only in your country there are more than 42,000 (although it is possible that not all of them currently exercise, the figures change rapidly in the sector) members. According to figures of 2018 in the total, 250,000 lawyers are reached, which calculated based on a total population of approximately 47 million citizens, results in one professional out of every 188 citizens.

Also during the hardest years of the crisis the business slowed down, like everyone else. This led many graduates of the faculties not to find their place in large offices and try their luck on their own, which increased the offer.

What is the status of law studies?

The bulky ratio of lawyer to citizen is given despite the fact that for year’s law students in the faculties have been declining. In the academic year, the degree received 155,000 registered students, not counting double degrees. With the entry into the new millennium the number gradually fell, until for example the 95,000 of the academic year.

This makes the voices within the legal world grow that ask for some type of regulation in order to avoid that the number of lawyers grows above the real demand. It is true that the market itself can act as a regulatory agent, but in this game of supply and demand, many firms will be asphyxiated due to lack of clients, if they do not have the capacity to innovate or if they are lucky enough to find the key that boost your business.

The filters to be a lawyer

Despite this increase in students enrolled in the law faculties, the truth is that to be a lawyer you have to overcome a series of filters that also serve as regulators of the profession.

In order for a lawyer to perform the job legally, he must be registered with the Illustrious Bar Associations. But for this they need, as an essential step, to have the official degree that universities now grant through the study of the corresponding degree. But that is not enough, since in addition to these four current courses, an additional master’s degree is required to be eligible for membership, which is another barrier for those who really want to enter the trade. Another way is, through oppositions, to be placed in one of the positions offered by the Administration.

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